Sunday, 30 July 2017

Passing Out In Canada

After the demise of Barren Praise, I've decided to start a new blog by myself. I'll be using this blog to share new music from the Canadian underground hardcore and metal scene aswell as post live sets and do interviews with bands. 
We'll still be booking shows in our hometown of Owen Sound through the Barren Praise facebook page (located here) so if you're looking for shows then please contact us on that page, right now we have our second annual Slimer Fest on August 12th with a slew of great bands including, Sarin, Guiltfeeder, Sinner, Cruel Bloom and a ton of others, so check it out if your interested (more information here on that).
Anyways, I look forward to posting new stuff on here in the coming days and hopefully conducting some interviews with bands at Slimer Fest and sharing some of the bands that I've been lucky enough to play with and meet that might get passed over on because they aren't large scale bands yet. Thanks for reading, I'll see you all soon.